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Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ is available here or by phone. I completed the intensive School for The Work with Katie in Germany in August 2005 and now offer personally facilitated sessions and workshops.


 What is ‘The Work’?

Are you looking for a way to quieten your mind? To find peace within you? Based on Katie’s two books (‘Loving what is’ and ‘I need your love – is that true?’), ‘The Work’ is a wonderful, transformative practice for accepting whatever life creates for you.  Are there thoughts you cannot let go of?  People you cannot forgive?  Beliefs that block you from moving forward? Times when reality hurts too much?  Now you can take responsibility for your thoughts and problems with this simple yet profound self-enquiry system.  If you are ready to question your thoughts, ready to let them let go of you and so transform your life, then the opportunity is here. 

'The Work' is a gentle process and a practical tool for questioning your fears and judgements and helps to increase your feeling of self-worth.  With four simple questions we start to appreciate the power of our thoughts to transform our health.....for worse ....or for better.  And then we can turn those thoughts around until they no longer have the power to harm us, or, as Katie says: 'the thoughts let go of you'.

What I particularly like about this approach is the fascinating blend of the use of intellectual reason and meditation in order to deal with stressful thoughts.  What are stressful thoughts?  Let’s answer that with a couple of examples, although my guess is that you’ll already know if your mind is troubled.  There may be thoughts in relation to a certain incident that run around and around inside your head during the day and may prevent you sleeping at night, such as ‘How could she treat me like that’ , or ‘He doesn’t trust me or he’d never have said that’.  Or thoughts related to an accident or illness such as ‘I could have broken my neck’ or ‘I’m going to become dependant on others’.   Another stressful area is underlying beliefs that may prevent you moving forward or doing the best with your life such as ‘I’m not likeable’,  ‘I’m worthless’, ‘If anyone knew ***** about me then they’d make me an outcast’, or even ‘’I’m not good enough to get that sort of job’.  Just think how wonderful life would be without such thoughts!


  Personal Sessions 

I offer one-to-one personally facilitated sessions (in person or by phone). Sessions usually are at my home, in Gorseinon, Swansea.  Touchwood Therapies' healing room is on the ground floor.  Ring me on 01792-522443 or e-mail me for an appointment. If you are unable to travel, I may be able to come to you, please ask for details. Ring me, Carrie, on 01792-522443, or e-mail me for an appointment.

A session usually lasts 45-50 minutes.   In order to spend as much of this time as possible on The Work, there is a form for you to complete and bring with you on the day. This form will help you to focus on your stressful thoughts that we shall work on together that day. However, if you have any concerns about completing the form, feel free to contact me: we can work on it together if that’s easier for you.  Also, if you are coming about specific thoughts, it may be that the form isn’t relevant.   Whatever you decide to do, it will be right for you.


The cost is between £20 and £30 per session (up to 1 hour).  What you pay within this bracket is your own choice, depending on income, time taken, and usefulness of the session.   Guidance: people on benefits would not be expected to pay over £20 even if we went on for the full hour. If you're in a well paid job and had a full hour, you'd be expected to pay the whole £30, but you may decide to pay more if you are particularly pleased with the session.

You may pay by cash or cheque (preferred), making the cheque payable to ‘Touchwood’.




 Telephone sessions

Yes, personal sessions work well over the phone as well as in person.  Timings and costs are the same as above, you may pay by postal order or cheque, or by card online at the secure Paypal site.  I am on Skype, (where your computer and internet is used to connect for free 'phone' calls). Contact me for details.

Tel Number: 01792 522443.      From outside the UK use:   +(44) 1792 522443 Here the plus sign signifies whatever code is needed locally in order to get an international dial tone, and 44 is the international dialing code for the UK.



I only speak English.

You may pay in £ sterling in any way, including your Paypal account.  I can also take payment by most credit or debit cards, converted from most major currencies through Paypal without you needing a Paypal account.    

Save telephone call costs if you are on Skype as you can contact me free through your computer.

From outside the UK use:   +(44) 1792 522443 Here the plus sign signifies whatever code is needed locally in order to get an international dial tone, and 44 is the international dialing code for the UK.

  How to pay for your healing session 

Personal sessions: if you see Carrie face-to-face then you may pay in cash or by cheque.

Phone sessions may be paid by cheque, Paypal account, postal order or cash (at your own risk through the postal service). You may also pay by most debit or credit cards through Paypal.  Payment is in £ sterling (GB£), but Paypal will convert most currencies for need to have a Paypal account. Contact Carrie who will send an email invoice.      

 I trust you will find Touchwood complementary therapy sessions useful. Change needs your help too, and these sessions should support you through the processes.  You are in control at all times, you will not be expected to do anything you don't want to.  Data protection all information is treated in the strictest confidence.  Complementary therapy does not replace medical attention, so see your doctor when needed.  Although individual experiences vary, sometimes you may experience a strong emotional (or other) reaction.  Afterwards, be gentle with  yourself, and drink plenty of water. Please free to contact me if you need reassurance or support.  


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