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  What is Party-plan?

With party-plan, I come to you.  You will host a group session at your home (or any other venue), inviting your friends, family and/or neighbours and I'll come along with any necessary paraphernalia and materials. Numbers are usually a minimum of 6 and up to 14 people, but it does depend what actual session you choose....and I offer many and varied options.

Sessions may be morning, afternoon or evening, to suit your needs.  I may be able to offer some discount to day-time sessions, which also helps to recognise that many people available during the day may be on lower incomes.


Likely prices given below assume that you are within about 45 mins drive for me.  Anything around an hour or more may carry a reasonable surcharge, but it would also depend on how many people attend.


  Bowen Technique


Bowen is great for all sorts of aches and pains as well as other physical conditions such as asthma.  Bowen is unusual in that I make few of the gentle, powerful moves on your body, and then leave you to relax while your body awakens and responds, for 2-8 minutes.  That means I can be treating someone else during those natural breaks.
If you decide on party-plan, please rest assured that EACH PERSON will be receiving a  FULL Bowen treatment.  You need a home where 6 people could all lie on the floor (on sleeping bags etc), with a bit of room between so I can work from each side.  It could be in different rooms, but, please, all of you on the same floor level!  (Running up and down stairs when treating 6 people is NOT fun for me!) If anyone's not nimble enough to lie on the floor, I can bring a massage couch.

Before giving treatments I will talk about the technique, answer your questions and help you to measure any symptoms including lack of mobility in any joint.  Afterwards you will be able to see if you have had any immediate benefit: many people do have, but in any case your body will continue to respond and improve for about a week.  The whole session will be about 2 hours long for everyone.

Likely price for 6 people: 15 each

 Common conditions that are treated by Bowen therapists include: Back pain, neck pain, headaches, restricted shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, respiratory problems, hay-fever, kidney problems, high blood pressure, arthritis and knee pain


  CLAIRVOYANCE EVENINGS ...or intuitive healing   


These are proving very popular, and not just in the evenings! As I need to have individual sessions with each person, a maximum of 8 people is usual (unless I spend a couple of 2 hour sessions with you on the same day).  I can do fewer people, and then each individual has longer time, and so will pay more.


I need a separate room where I can work with each person.  Sessions will be tape-recorded as an 'optional extra'.


Likely price for 6-8 people: 15 each

For that each person would get a 15 minute personal session of clairvoyance or intuitive healing.  Please see the pages on each of those options. NB, by comparison, when I work on a national clairvoyant line, you would be paying over 22 for such a 15 minute reading!


For just 5 more each, I enjoy 'sandwiching' a spiritual-development exercise between sessions so that everyone together can discover more about themselves.  It is likely to be a visualisation, and work done afterwards, such as 'A Walk in the Forest' or 'Releasing your Inner Magician'.  That means for just an extra 5 everyone can enjoy about an extra hour of work, making it a very cost effective, as well as an illuminating and enjoyable evening.



 Intuitively choosing and using flower essences  


The essence session includes a talk about Edward Bach and his original flower essences, as well as introducing you to the Touchwood range. I will bring along a good range of essences. There will then be a practical demonstration of many and varied ways of intuitively choosing an essence, with plenty of time for everyone to practice and try themselves. Bring along your pendulum or any other dowsing tool if you use them!

Likely price for 6-8 people: 15 each.   If you have 10 or more people then everyone can choose a free Touchwood Essence, otherwise enjoy a special offer: 1 off any essences.

I also do a whole day flower essence workshop where you will also make your own essence and have a bottle of it to take home with you.   Likely cost 50 each.



  Self-development workshops  


I can also offer any of my shorter self-development workshops in your home, ie 'Intuitive Healing', 'Who am I?' and 'Wonderful, Wonderful You!'. Alternatively you can also have tailor-made workshops for any self- or spiritual development that I can help with.  Using diverse methods of exercises and visualisations I can help groups move through such trials as divorce, low self confidence, and relationship difficulties, as well as sessions such as exploring the 'real' you, moving on and letting go, imagework, decision making, clairvoyance, clairaudience, dowsing, healing ourselves, meeting your guide, chakra work, aura work, inner child nurturance, empowerment, saying no, etc etc etc! 

All materials are included in the cost.



Likely price for 6 people 15 each

                    for 8 people 14 each

                    for 9 people 13 each

                    for 10 people 12 each

                    for 12 people 11 each

                    for 18 or more people 10 each

Large numbers: negotiable.



Full day workshops may also be run along these lines, just ask for details.



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