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I began gardening as a child, and now have a wonderful cottage garden alive with an exciting variety of plants.  Flowers from the garden, as well as elsewhere, have been photographed sensitively, to capture the living essence of the bloom.  I also take photos of the wonderful Gower beaches.  Each one is an original photo and, hence, unique:  you’ll never give (or receive) two the same.  Each is an A5 sized greeting card, with envelope.  Most have been left blank, but you may also get, or request, ones with ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Best Wishes’ inside, or on the front.  Some special ones have ‘Thinking of you’ on the front, and are particularly suitable for a wide range of times, including bereavement.




Costs in 2015

Cards are 1, choose 10 for only 9. By post. packs of 5 cards are 5, and packs of10 cards are  9

There is 3.50 p&p for however many you order. (as at April 2015, sorry, but that's just the way postage costs are now)    Please make cheques payable to ‘Touchwood’. You may also choose to pay by Paypal or bank card online.


NB, please contact Carrie regarding shipping prices to other than the UK. 





If you have a personal preference for a type of flower, you may request it, and they will be sent if available.  There are also some foliage ones (particularly suitable for men), please request these if wanted as part of the pack.




I'm afraid the photos of the cards are poor, being scans of photos of cards! But hopefully this will give an idea of the range available




NEW for 2013, details on request, just email me. I have had some cards pr:inted with my special images, such as the ones below. Costs are as above. Do contact me if you wish to order or ask questions. These are examples of the images used



These are some photos of the actual cards, sorry, about the poor quality of reproduction!





























3 of the last 4 are kaleidoscope patterns from flower images that I had taken (the green one is from a special leaf). Interesting, aren't they. You may like to visit this page of a chakra meditation that I offer using these sorts of images.










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 Carrie Thomas 2015.