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 Rainbow 2000





Touchwood is a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers

Made at Rainbow 2000 summer camps. 50p/essence sold will go to Rainbow 2000.

On site water (where used) is St Anthony's Well water.

 Healing Space Essence

  White clover flower (to represent lotus or enlightenment), with grass flower to represent the field site.

  Healing yurt. Full moon  Friday 18th July 2008





Brings in the energy of the healing yurt (whilst it was used) at the rainbow 2000 Healing Camp 2008. Each day free sessions of all types of healing takes place in the yurt, which has a very special feel to it, now imbibed into this water. Good as an adjunct to any healing practice, and whenever you yourself need and tender loving care.





 Crystal Bowl ringing essence, with reiki

Includes Chalice Well water.    Full moon  Friday 18th July 2008





Ronnie’s crystal bowl healing session, with sounding of other instruments, and reiki given by several practitioners, at the same time. Invite these energies into yourself with this essence.

This took place in the Big Lodge, a wonderful teepee used for many ceremonies, chanting sessions and workshops Photos of the Big Lodge are below.






 Bountiful Goddess

Made by Dorothy.

White clover flower.  Chalice Well water.   

For opening up, and for receiving.

Full of komboola….a term created for female energy at the Rainbow Healing Camp during a 5-day self-development process.

Dorothy saw clover flowers as representing the chakras, and the campsite was full of the flowers.



 Rainbow Healing Camp Essence

Made by Lisa.

Full moon 17th - 18th July 2008

For empowerment: to push forward with love and wisdom.

Made within the flagpole circle which had lovely energy, at the core of the camp.

Lisa has made a very special essence here.

Photo by Tony.



 Grounding Essence

Made by Chris.

Full moon 18th July 2008

With haematite and malachite. I ‘saw’ a white central root coming from the base of his singing bowl (that he made this essence in) and he said he’d envisioned roots going down into the ground!  He did some sounding of the bowl during the making of the essence. Strongly rooting and grounding.




 Healing Camp Essence

Made by Chris.

 Made in Big Lodge teepee over 3 separate healing occasions, bringing you the energy of those times to help you whenever you need it.

Ronnies crystal bowls


Gloria’s angel singing

 Full Moon Puja essence

 Superspirit: in the spirit yurt. Full moon Saturday 16th August 2008 during actual time of full moon: just after 8pm, moon in Aquarius.

A puja is a spiritual ritual, like a service or celebration.

Empowered by the moon, moon chants and dance. People stated what the moon meant to them, then everyone blessed the water with the property or quality they wanted to moon to bring to them.

It is all things to all people. Everyone needs and desires it but may be shy in coming forward for it, knowing/recognising its power. It will bring your ‘dreams come true’ for you/to you. It can be a bit like a strong wind in cleaning out what’s no longer desirable.   Helps: unsurety, not feeling ‘good enough’, where problems may give a ‘lump in the throat’ feeling. For all those seeking; all those asking; all those wanting enlightenment/a hand-up. Helps by bringing (a little) magic into your life. Shhhhhh! The moon – she brings!!!

And this is what Safira picked up about this essence:
Qualities: The quality of opening old emotional injuries (water) and yet of renewal of feeling, I gathered both deep sadness and deep joy. The essence may ask us to walk the path of sadness before Joy can stand in its own pure light. The essence feels to represent a letting go of pains belonging to others and the past; that which has filled us with sweat and tears-
not pure water; pure feeling. I feel it to be an essence representing the feminine, and general softening, reinstating feelings of lushness and aliveness.
Photos (by the Rainbow 2000 photographer, Tony) show the inside of the spirit yurt, and the full moon seen from a communal campfire.



 Crystal Clear

 Made by Safira.

 Willowherb, bindweed, daisy leaf, clover. Full moon Saturday 16th August 2008 at Superspirit

 Full moon sat 16th August 2008  Superspirit Camp

For moving on, for letting go old patterns, for finding inspiration. Like ‘nectar of the Gods’, know you’re well supported, provided for, and nourished at all levels, despite the apparent trials of everyday life. Look beyond the trials, to the nugget of golden wisdom beyond.  Clean it up – the tarnish, the darkness and see the (copper/brass type) gleam beyond. Drink deep of cares and woes and move on – besides your gods wait for you at the other side to hold your hands and skip with joy in the meadow beyond.  God willing, all will find the golden nugget with this brew. For: despondent and ‘hard of life’; for unwilling to change/progress/let go/move on. It can open up the way –lets the light gleam forth. Will change by finding the light within and without, anyone and anything.

Safira channelled: Chrough skin, through thick and through thin. Bleeding passions, moving with the fashion. Nothing remains unseen. Nothing
remains unclean. Crystal Clear- liquid forming, liquid clear. ‘Clear are the eyes, clear is the soul. Clear is the child ready to unfold. Holding nothing dear and All will be clear.’


Spirit of Rainbow Healing Camp 2009

 Made by Gosia.



Made in the Big Lodge during several workshops and sessions, including Gloria Campanelli's channelling of the Angel of laughter and the ensuing giggle session!


Gosia has a lovely energy, and as she carried the bowl of water into the Big Lodge I could 'see' a wonderful clear light around it, reminding me of a quartz crystal. Very clear and spiritual.  I think this would be a very good essence to have about you in troubled times.


More photos of Rainbow 2000 Camps







The altar in the healing yurt (above) and roof of the yurt (right)

The photos below are by the official Rainbow 2000 photographer, Tony.



                                              Left and middle, The Big Lodge                                                                         Right The Krishna Temple at Superspirit.












Above: having my energy body cleared by my friend, Freddie. Right, dowsing during a workshop.


Below: a day in the life of Superspirit. The board with the day's activity's on display outside the cafe area.

Why don't you join us next year? You would be so very welcome.    Follow this link for more information









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