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On 17th December 2010, we woke to 4” snow, very unusual here! Great, finally I could make some snow essences, something I had been meaning to do for several years.  I channelled: ‘snow brings something new to essences – a newness, a cleanness and an openness to new opportunities and seeing clearly what has always been before you, but in a new way, opening your eyes, heart and mind to a new way of being and seeing and beginning (over) again’.

Later I realised a there's also a general feeling of suspended animation, hibernation, a thinking rather than a doing.  Also seems like it’s a different aspect of the plant, that the snow essence reveals...almost a shadow or ghost self, or a slightly-mirror-image.

Snow Essence:  Beech    'Hibernate / Hide away'

Fagus sylvestris, from young, and mature beeches, near  Clyne Valley Quarry.

Full of promise of fulfilment and brilliance, BUT not yet. Instead ‘hide’ away inside until your ‘spring’ comes and you can blossom forth in all your glory – and succeed beyond your wildest dreams as it’s already empowered within; and without answers to that call.


Snow Essence:  Holly    'Yield'

Ilex aquifolium, from prickly leaves and smooth ones on the same plant, near  Clyne Valley Quarry.

Holly is a prickly substance. Knows its boundaries yet its willingness to succeed even in the winter means that it is open to harm or destruction through the elements. (Idea of bowed so low with snow that its branches could break) Yet it does not yield (to harm) because it yields in itself. It gives, moves, is pliable, bendable and unbroken again in its splendour –whether bowed (boughed) down or upright in all its glory.  So, boundaries and defensiveness with pliability and give. Sense for a (sometimes seemingly) senseless world.



Snow Essence:  Crab Apple    'Release your burdens'

Malus sylvestris, Clyne Valley Quarry.

Astringent grace.  It is.   Bestowing a feeling of being strong and present (presence). Allow it to take your burdens from you (like hanging your burdens from its boughs – like presents or prayers on a Christmas tree). For without those burdens, you may dance. Go to it, little dancer, whilst the tree minds your troubles!



Snow Essence:  Bay    'Retreat / Abeyance'

Laurus nobilis, Touchwood Garden

Held in abeyance. For knowing when to hide away (snowed away), for deciding to retreat rather than meeting your troubles.  For putting aside what no longer serves you and ploughing through 'til the job is done to take some rest. (ok, this is where I asked my guides: hide away  - plough through? but those things mean doing the opposite, they are totally different).  Both. They are the same. You can’t hide away without ploughing on with something, can you? (eg need to eat!) Nor can you plough on with what you don’t want/feel to do without hiding your feelings from/about it. Do only what is necessary, hold the rest in abeyance.


Snow Essence:  Eucalyptus    'Know your weaknesses'

Blue gum: Eucalyptus gunnii, Touchwood Garden

Eucalyptus has a bitter taste and memories for the past.  It tries to grow strong despite circumstances, to grow/rise above them, but/so it grows weak.  That towering strength is powder strength, all set to tumble down. Eucalyptus reminds us of our own (strengths and) weaknesses and warns not to overstep ourselves or others.  Make haste gradually and slowly, step by step, and you will stay firm (and grounded) within your limits.  Overpass them and you will sway and topple like the tree may. Reminds you of your own shortcomings so you can avoid them.


Snow Essence: Cruel Plant    'Cruelty in abeyance'

Araujia sericofera, Touchwood Garden

Note, the cruel plant is so called because it catches moths by the tongue as part of the cross-pollination process.

 A time to ponder on what we’ve done and how it affected ourselves and others. How our accomplishments have prices to pay for the rewards we keep.  All ways of doing things have repercussions.  How nothing is unseen and undone, although ‘best choices that fit the circumstances’ is rarely the way forward when human nature is at stake. We may be working from mistaken premises – that we must succeed as we are more important, or a need to prove ourself. 

Time for pondering on our faults and meeting them half way and going forward with more/new understanding our ourself’s (and other’s) whims and foibles.  All is grist to the mill, our reasons for doing something is rarely another’s, yet it doesn’t matter in the long run. Just knowledge of ourselves and others, to undertake what is beyond us ourselves. (reminded me that the cruel plant cannot cross pollinate itself, it needs an insect vector)




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 Carrie Thomas 2010