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I'm sorry.      Forgive me.     I love you.    Thank you.



How can working on yourself with these 4 seemingly simple statements help external situations? There are so many stories about how it has worked in many situations. (see references below). The ho'oponopono system is bedded in the concept that we are responsible not just for ourselves but for everything around us. Well, perhaps we knew that already....acknowledging that the world mirrors back to us what is already in us (projection of our shadow self). For example, by working on our THOUGHTS about the situation (eg with Byron Katie's 'Loving what is'), we question the belief and find relief through that.

Ho'oponopono seems to take that further. By working ON OURSELVES we also AFFECT the other people involved, and not only through the way we interact with them.  The Joe Vitale reference below describes how Dr Len affected the recorded behaviour of high-security inmates without ever meeting them: by taking responsibility  for their behaviour and symptoms, and working on himself.

Implicit is that we can only truly change ourselves. Basically, when a situation occurs that troubles you (your father blames you; your friend writes something hurtful on Facebook; your colleagues aren't talking to one another; one country invades another, whatever...), say these statements over and over to the other party, whether that be a person, or people, or a situation or even a whole nation. No, not face-to-face with that person, just on your own and in your mind's eye.  No particular order.....perhaps you will say something 10 times and another one only once. Return to the method when you are again troubled by the issue and work on it some more. It's also effective for self-work: is there anything you hold yourself blame for? Assuage the guilt with ho'opononpono and release yourself and all others involved. Don't forget the 'I love you'..... you are not taking the responsibility with blame but with understanding and love for yourself.

Essences don't have to have flowers in! These essences have been coded with the appropriate ho'oponopono precepts. Will you use them on their own or as part of your own ho'oponopono practice? Do let us know how you get on with them.



  I'm Sorry 




 Please Forgive Me





  I love you




  Thank you  






The complete system in one bottle.


Q Do I need to understand or to do ho'oponopono to use the essences

A No, you don't NEED to do the system to use the essences: though as you can see below, an essence enabled me (Carrie) then to say the statements, first to the universe, then to the person.


Q Can I do ho'oponopono without using essences?

A Of course!


Q Will using the essence have any added benefit if I am already using words themselves?

A We hope so. One thought is that the essence is there working its magic even when you are focussed on other things.     Carrie: for me it helps 1) to remind me of doing ho'oponopono (!) and 2) to use even if I am not yet ready to use the system on the issue yet (see below) and 3) I believe it helps in a deep way to help me become aligned to whichever statement (eg Please Forgive Me) that I most need at that time...and not just with the issue in hand but ALL such issues around me now and in the past...and perhaps, especially, in saying those words deep within myself to myself. I don't think that I'm alone in needing the release that comes of saying those words to our own selves.....we can be so good at self-blame, can't we?

Message from Carrie:

I first heard about Ho'oponopono in Cygnus Books Magazine (issue 7, 2008) where William Bloom explained how useful he had found it. I then discoveredthat my friend Eifion used it dramatically in many ways. The third time I came across it was again with Cygnus books, with a feature by Joe Vitale. I'm captivated by the idea.


 Eifion gave me a set of essences and often I found I went to them when there were difficulties around me....when  I saw others as causing difficulties and problems.  Intuitively I chose an essence, and time and again (out of several 100's to choose from) found I had 'I'm sorry' or 'Please forgive me' in my hand...or even 'Ho'oponopono' itself. I'm sure they helped me, and perhaps you, too, will find them useful.


 Using an essence rather than the system itself has helped me. I find it difficult to say (for example) 'I'm sorry' to someone who I believe is to blame for problems between us. However, when such difficulties arise, I'll reach for an essence to help me cope. And when the essence I intuitively reach for happens to be 'I'm sorry' then I have to take notice!  And THEN I find I can say 'I'm sorry' in a more detached way, as if I'm saying 'I'm sorry' to the universe rather than that person. And then, over time, perhaps I can say it and mean it when I think of that person and that situation. So the essence is both an effect in itself (I picked out what I needed at that time), as well as a tool for encouraging and allowing me administering the ho'oponopono system. I hope it makes sense!




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1.    Ho'oponopono   Joe Vitale

2.    Ho'oponopono   Katina Chapman

3.    William Bloom in The Cygnus Review 7 2008  




          Made in Wales



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